Communication Experts & Creatives

The Villa offers brands, organizations & businesses a personalized and slimmed process – starting with us matchmaking you and your inhouse team directly with one of our vetted independent experts – for your strategies and communication campaigns.

Our Members:
Anders Dalenius, Anders thessing, Carl-Johan Ekberg, Christer Garell, Edvin Kempe, Egle Obcarskaite, Erik Bielke, Feffe Kaufmann, Grace McCallum, Johanna Carlberg, Leila FalkenbergMikael Frithiof, Paulina Pashkevich, Peter Fjäll, Roy Rossovich, Ulf Skarin, Ulrika Schreil,

COMING SOON: Jenny Huurinainen/Brand Strategist and Jacob Huurinainen/Art Director

When you need the injection of just one specific expert, we’ll give you just this. When you need your project dream-team we’ll set one up to exactly suit you.

We’re here to enhance your brand communication and weave purpose into everything you say and do.
Authentic, Sustainable & Brave. The Swedish Way.